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Pink Links for collectors

  1. Pink Floyd Archives and especially  Discographies Pages are really good. The man behind the archives is Vernon Fitch who has written for example the Pink Floyd Encyclopedia.
  2. Mr. Pinky diskografies has some information about LPs.
  3. Brain Damage, the place for Pink Floyd news. With a very good illustrated guide about Pink Floyd Counterfeits.
  4. Another page about counterfeits, in Italy.
  5. Neptune Pink Floyd a fanbase.
  6. Popsike has the prices for your beauties.
  7. Of course the official sites for Pink Floyd, Roger Waters ja David Gilmour are worth mentioning.
  8. Auctions are a great way to get those hard to find LPs and CDs. Go to Ebay and check what they have right now!
  9. Do you own vinyl bootlegs? Go check The Pink Floyd Vinyl Bootleg Guide, for more information. Pink Floyd RoIO Database is also worth checking even though it is no longer updated.
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