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Peacemonger's Pink Floyd Collection

Welcome to my Pink Floyd Collection!

Dedicated to the loving memory of Syd Barrett and Rick Wright.
Have a great gig in the sky!
There are over 600 items in my Pink Floyd collection. You can find pictures of some of them in the galleries one, two and three.

Status of the collection at August 10th 2008:

ESTIMATE means that the number is from hand counting not from the database.

  • CDs: 182 pcs
  • CD-singles: 44 pcs
  • DVD/Blu-ray/UMD-discs: 38 pcs
  • C-cassettes: 13 pcs
  • VHS-tapes: 13 pcs
  • Vinyl singles: 80 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • LPs: 150 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • 10" or 12" EPs: 21 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • Books: 31 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • Songbooks: 6 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • Tour Books: 7 pcs (ESTIMATE)
  • Magazines: 83 pcs (ESTIMATE)

Lates acquisitions:

  1. Alan Parsons: A Valid Path (with David Gilmour on guitar)
  2. Queensrÿche: Take Cover (with Welcome to the Machine)
  3. Mars Volta: Candy and a Currant Bun vinyl/CD promosingle
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